Travel post 3.0

My trip to Moab so me and my dad share a birthday and for every 2nd birthday he takes everybody on 1 trip. They get to choose. It goes Gavin Logan’s mom’s, Afton, me and dad. But this year me and my dad went to Moab. I was about 5 at the time and it […]

My favorite color

My favorite color is blue I like the ocean the sky the rain. my eyes are like a dark blue a tinted color to it I don’t really know why but blue has just always just been my favorite things clothes shoes hats candy drinks just anything blue I lived in Costa Rica for 3 […]

a review of the school

This school draper park middle school. There are good physical and mental exercises, a giant field to play in a nice gym and a track fitness room. Dpms has really good criteria. I feel like I’m being taught at a freshman level in seventh grade. All the teachers are so nice and so respectful. The […]

Travel post 2.0

Many places can’t compare to Disneyland. I’ve been to Disneyland 6 times in my life. Then and I never got tired of it. There’s so much to do: rides, haunted mansions, food, costumes, toys. So in 2019, I went to Disney Land. We got this nice hotel right next to the beach. The first day […]

2021-2022 covid

These 2 years have been crazy because the covid struck in 2021 and my life has never been the same. As well with the masks and the mandate and no school, it actually wasn’t that bad with school. But we didn’t get to go to restaurants. We were locked in quarantine for like 3 months. […]

Review of kids clothes

People now in 2021 and 2022 have the worst fashion. I saw a little kid the other day wearing pants that went all the way down to the floor. You couldn’t see his feet and an oversized t-shirt. I guess that’s just what skater kids wear. They choose clothes that look like they are extra […]

Free write 2.0

I play many sports. I used to play basketball when I was like six, but that doesn’t count. I play football. I’ve played baseball for six or seven years. I started off playing tee ball for dimple dal and I’ve played football for corner canyon for 3 years and will keep playing through high-school id […]

Costa Rica 2015

Now our family sometimes gets very sick of each other, so we all thought a vacation was a great idea. Except for me and my brother because I was eight and he was six, so we didn’t really know what was happening. Now this was my first time on a plane. I didn’t know how […]